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We have been made victorious. We have been made more than conquerors in this life through the one Jesus Christ. So, we have a brand and our brand is Righteousness. So anything or anyone that has anything to do with the kingdom is Righteous. You are righteous because of Jesus. Period!

How are you made righteous? The answer is simple: I have Jesus and so I am righteous. Don’t ever shift your ground on this truth. This will help you overcome every negativity of this life: guilt, condemnation, attacks, failures etc. Nothing more makes you acceptable before God except Jesus.

The question now is: What is Righteousness?

Righteousness is your stance and position with God. It is the ability to stand in the presence of the Father without shame, fear, guilt, inferiority or condemnation.

So do not ever come before the Father ashamed. That is unbelief. The moment you are born-again, you do not come to the Father ashamed. God is not aware you offended him because every offense was committed by Jesus on the cross when he took our sins. Do you really understand the magnitude of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross?

The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5:19 “no longer counting their iniquities against them”. This verse as it were wasn’t actually talking about the church but the world. He is no longer counting the sins of the world against them because he has given to us the word of reconciliation.

There is actually no sin with the church. Every sin of the church was committed by Christ when he became sin. And the moment you accept him, you become the righteousness of God in him. So you do not appear before God with fear or shame or any of such and think that that makes you righteous. It makes you an unbeliever. This is why we come to God with boldness. Halleluyah!

God did this so that we can work for him. Get to appreciate what Jesus has done for you. He is not doing it; he has done it and you have to accept it because that is going to provoke love and passion for his work for him. Don’t ever think that Jesus kept you here on earth to condemn you. God does not keep records of wrongs because his eyes are too pure to behold iniquity. That is why he made you Christ. So when he looks at you, he doesn’t see you. He sees Christ. Glory to God.

Colossians 1:22 – He reconciled us in the body of his flesh through death to present us holy, unblameable and unreproveable in his own sight. Imagine a scenario that in court, one is guilty and condemned to death and the facts presented before the court are overwhelming. And in that case, the judge comes to say “you are not guilty’. You are without blame. This is exactly how Jesus sees us. The presentation is to himself and there is no corruption in this world that can dent you. There is no charge against God’s elect. You are justified. What a life! Halleluyah!

Don’t ever walk faced-down. You are not suffering because God is dealing with you. You are suffering because of unbelief. Religiosity is what gave birth to Churchianity and it’s terrible to the body. Quit Religion!

You are blessed. Have a beautiful week!



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